Professionalism & Punctuality

I had some damage on the hood of my car when someone accidentally backed into it with a flatbed truck. I called Joe and explained to him what had happened. He had me bring my car in the following day so I could get an estimate. The guy’s insurance company called me and assessed the damage via photos. I explained to him that I wanted to take my car to Blue Springs Collision Repair. The claims assessor said that it would not be an issue and that he would cut a check for the amount of the damage. Fortunately I had never had to use his business in the past, but again I knew that the quality of work would be the best! I took my car in on a Monday and Joe said it would be 5 days as long as he received the parts he needed to get the job done. Joe called me on the following Friday and said I could come pick up my car. I could not have been any more pleased!!! It was perfect as I knew it would be. I will recommend Blue Springs Collision Repair to anyone wanting excellent quality work!


10/10 would recommend!

I would take my family and friends there. Some one backed into my passenger door and I had a good sized dent and some paint issues. I took my car there and got a new door that matched the color perfectly of my car, then they went ahead painted my gas cover (which was another color when I bought the car), cleaned all the windows, and on top of that fixed my window that I haven’t been able to use for quite some time. Thank you Joe for everything!


You did an excellent job!

Body Shop Collision Center Blue Springs Missouri

Pulled our 73 Triumph out from the winter yesterday.  You did an excellent job refreshing the paint on it two years ago, it remains flawless.  Thanks for your care and professionalism.

– Mike

My Car Looks So Good!!

Body Shop Collision Center Blue Springs Missouri

Thank you for repairing my 2016 CTS…there was a lot of damage and you guys took care of every detail! Looks as good now as when I bought it brand new! Highly recommend Blue Springs Collision. Shout out to Randy Henning “Randy’s Personal Auto Service”, who services my car and takes care of all mechanical issues, for referring me! Two best places to keep your car running good and looking good!


Body Shop Collision Center Blue Springs Missouri

I am beyond a happy customer! My dad used to race cars…and knew this guy who knew this guy Joe Henke…he is the man at Blue Springs Collision who recreated my majorly dented up ’86 Alfa Romeo spider! I knew I was in good hands right away by how he spoke about the work he would do; honest, fair, and really put his heart in to the work. HE CARES! He was obviously not doing this job just for the money. I will try to attach pics here or on facebook…wordscannot express my gratitude and love for the work he and his team did! She’s beautiful and I just won first place in the concours, where it’s all about the beauty and flawlessness of a car! I”M THRILLED WITH THE RESULTS!!

Car Looks Great!

Body Shop Collision Center Blue Springs Missouri

Car looks great!!! Joe was very nice and easy to work with. He took care of dealing with the insurance company after someone hit car. He finished my car 4 days early. I would definitely use his company again.

I Found The Right Shop

Body Shop Collision Center Blue Springs Missouri

I’ve been searching around a lot for a great body shop that puts pride in their work and not just for the money. I finally found blue springs collision repair after visiting many shops and I have to say as soon as I talked to Joe I knew I found the right shop. They did an amazing job with the damage that I had on my car. I picked my car up clean and looking brand new! I was amazed and so happy!! I recommend this place to anyone and everyone!


Could Not Be Happier

Body Shop Collision Center Blue Springs Missouri

I could not be happier with the service and work from Joe and his crew. He answered all of my questions and kept me well informed. I have always taken my vehicles to the dealership for all my needs, but never again! I did not realize the personal connection and better service that I was NOT getting at a dealership….Joe is the best!


Up Front and Honest

Body Shop Collision Center Blue Springs Missouri

When pulling up this may seem like any other garage you have gone to, but once you go inside you will realize that the experience is anything but normal. Joe took my phone call for the scheduling and was the first one to greet me when I got there. His confidence in his ability to do a great job without the insurance company pushing him around to cut corners or use cheap parts made me feel great walking away. Joe was was very up front and honest throughout the whole process and I don’t know a lot (or anything about car repair) and the sense of trust really put me at ease. He worked directly with the insurance for me as new damages were found but made sure to keep me in the loop to verify I was ok with the assessment. This not only made sure that I knew what was coming but also gave me the option to decline in case it would total my car. At the end of the repair, Joe got the work done a week earlier than estimated and he saved me $250 on my deductible. Joe easily could have made up some repairs and taken the $250 for himself but once again, his honesty and customer service is second to none from any experience I have ever had. I highly recommend Joe’s blue springs collision repair for any work that you need.

– Joshua

Absolute Best Experience

Body Shop Collision Center Blue Springs Missouri
I had the absolute best experience at Blue Springs Collision Repair! Joe was always available and willing to answer any question I had. My car turned out looking better than it even did before my accident. They also got my car repaired quicker than I could have imagined. Lucky to have found a business who was willing to go the extra mile to repair the custom stripe on my vehicle and save me money along the way!
– Leah
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At Blue Springs Collision you can count on us to work with your insurance company to ensure a smooth process.